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Kashmir and Buddhism:

Kashmir is homeland of various religions, civilizations, communities and cultures. Nilmata Purana ‘ (the Purana of Kashmir) refers to the gaity with which the Vaishakha Purnima-the day on which Buddha was born, attained ‘Bodhi’ and ‘ Mahanirvana ‘ – used to be celebrated in the picture some vale of Kashmir. Buddhist Chaityas – Stupas ‘ used to be decorated with flowers and paintings. Lord Buddha’s statues used to be decorated with Aushdhis and Ratan. This tradition continued almost to the eleventh century A. D. Kshemendra (10th-11th A. D.) started the writing of his famous treatise ‘ Avdhankalaplataon’ on this auspicious day. Somdeva ( 1027 A. D. ) has brought out this fact as under –

  • Samvatsare Saptavinshe
  • Vaishikhasya Sitodaye
  • Kriteyam Kalpalatiki
  • Jinjanmotsave

The history of Buddhism in Kashmir has not been much different than its history in the rest of the country. Before the advent of Aryans in the valley, it is said; it had already seen the rise and fall of Nagas, Pishachas and Yakshas. Of these, Nagas are supposed to be of great historical and cultural value. It is believed that Kapil the propounder of ‘ Sankhya Darshanas and the author of Parmarthasar-Patanjali were Nagas. Likewise, it is again believed that the famous Buddhist philosopher-thinkers Nagarjun and Naga Budhi, both were Nagas. It appears that after the induction of Aryans, these aboriginies of Kashmir accepted the Vedic religion and thereafter the Buddhism. Buddhism has played one of the most important roles in the making of Indian mind, culture, religion and civilization.

As per the historical manuscripts and records Buddhism was IInd influential religion in Kashmir, Kashmir even witnessed the rulers from this religion also e g: King Lalitaditya and many more.

As per our ancient historical manuscript “Rajtarangini” pen locked by Kalhana in 1148 AD. Buddhism came to Kashmir around 250 BC by King Ashoka. Later Emperor Kanishka organized the 3rd great council of Buddhists at Harwan.The great ruler Lalitaditya Muktapida is mentioned as ruler during the period 697- 738 AD, this period is called as Golden Age of Kashmir.

Kashmir was under the influence of Buddhism for almost a thousand years. That is why we have even today the remains of Buddhist influence. Most of the Viharas about which Kalhana has given details have not been located so far. But it is certain that they are spread over the whole of Kashmir valley. There are certain Viharas whose locations have been pin-pointed. Some of them are-‘ Jalora Vihara ‘ at Zalur Zainageer (Sopore in Baramulla Dist.), ‘ Vitastatra ‘ is today’s ‘ Vyathavotur ‘ in Anantnag district. King Ashoka (different from the great King Ashoka of Maurya dynasty) had built a’ stupa’ in today’s Budgam; queen Shukdevi had built a Vihara in Srinagar at a place named ‘ Nadvana ‘. Vihara is not seen today, but the word ‘ Nadvana ‘ got changed into ‘ Narvora ‘ which is one of the oldest parts of old Srinagar City. Huang Suang has written about a ‘ Jainder Vihara ‘ near Srinagar City, which had a huge Buddha idol in it. Huang Suang had stayed in this Vihara, but its place is still a matter of dispute. Besides these there are many places in Kashmir which remind us of Buddhism and its influence on Kashmir like, ‘ Parihaspora ‘, ‘ Anderkut ‘, ‘ Ahen ‘ (Sumbal), ‘ Khandhbhawan ‘ (Srinagar), ‘Rattani Pura ‘, ‘ Harwan ‘ , ‘Raithan ‘, etc. etc.

Kashmir has been the birth place of many Buddhist scholars. One of the eight main scholars of famous Buddhist Vihara, Vikramshila, was Smrityakara Siddha, who was Kashmiri. Who spread ‘ Madhyamika’, ‘ Satyashidi ‘ and Nirvana forms of Buddhism in China was Pt. Kumar Vijaya – a Kashmiri, who was disciple of famous Buddhist scholar Bandhudutta. There is a long list of Kashmiri scholars who were either connected with Buddhism or influenced by it like Jayanta Bhatta, Vamana Bhatta, Damodaragupta, Kshirswamina, Bhatta Udbhatta, Vasugupta, Bhatta Kalata, Kayyata, Abhinavagupta, Kshemaraja, Mammata, Kalhana, Yogaraja, Bilhana, Somdeva etc.

Buddhism has influenced to a large extent Kashmiri architecture. Buddhist architecture in Kashmir has three clear divisions – First is the architecture of Harwan ( Srinagar ) of third century B. C. This belongs to Indo-Parthian style. After this we have the architecture of Kushana king Hushka in first Century A. D., who raised the city of ‘ Hushkapura.’ In this Gandhara style was followed. The architecture and sculptural remains found at Pandrethan near Srinagar belongs to Gupta style. There the sculpture of Mahamaya ( Buddha’s mother ) along with her sisters before the birth of Lord Buddha is a significant find. In this, she is wearing in her ears an ornament ( Dejeharu ) which is worn even today by married Kashmiri Hindu women. This special type of ear ornament is supposed to be the influence of Naga tradition in Kashmir. This fact leads to the conclusion that Buddhism came under local influence.

Keeping in view our heritage and cultural association with Buddhism a quest developed to go in depths of our roots which directed us to do extensive research on the teachings of Lord Buddha and explore his life journey from birth through enlightenment till return to eternity.

Our passion supervised by our professional experience of 26 years influenced us to serve disciples and followers of lord Buddha from across the world and since last two years we have been working on the project of promoting tours throughout the Buddhist sector of India to lay down holistic prints on the minds of visitors and finally we have came up with a dedicated service for Buddhist tours by the name of style “Buddhist pilgrimages India” with the help of our well wishers and associates who came forward with their cooperation. We hope that we will be able to touch the same landmark as we have done in past in leisure and adventure tourism.

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